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A Current Affair Theme   A Current Affair   
A-Team   A-Team   
Addams Family   Addams Family   
Airwolf   Theme   
Alien Nation Theme   Alien Nation   
America's Most Wanted Theme   America's Most Wanted   
Anything But Love Theme   Anything But Love   
Archers Theme - Barwick Green   Archers   
Bad Boys - Theme from Cops   Inner Circle   
Batman   Batman   
Baywatch   Theme   
Bonanza Theme   Bonanza   
Chocolate Salty Balls   Chef; South Park   
Cop Rock Theme   Cop Rock   
Coronation Street   Theme   
Dallas   Dallas   
Dharma and Greg      
Doogie Howser MD Theme   Doogie Howser MD   
Eastenders Theme   Eastenders   
Fawlty Towers   Fawlty Towers   
Forgive Or Forget Theme   Forgive Or Forget   
Fox Files Theme   Fox Files   
Fox Sports   Theme   
Fraggle Rock 1   Muppets   
Fraggle Rock 2   Muppets   
Grandstand   BBC Theme   
Hawaii Five O   Hawaii Five O   
Hill Street Blues Theme   Hill Street Blues   
I Don't Want To Wait - From Dawson's Creek   Paula Cole   
I'll Be There For You 2   Friends   
I'll Be There For You   Friends   
In Living Color Theme   In Living Color   
Inspector Gadget Theme      
Iron Man (from Beavis & Butthead)   Black Sabbath; Beavis & Butthead   
Itchy and Scratchy Theme   Simpsons   
King Of The Hill Theme   King Of The Hill   
Knightrider   Knightrider   
Looney Tunes   Looney Tunes   
MASH (Song From) - Suicide Is Painless   MASH   
Match Of The Day Theme      
Monty Python's Flying Circus - Theme   Monty Python's Flying Circus   
Muppets   Muppets   
Murder One Theme   Murder One   
Nadia's Theme   The Young & The Restless   
NFL On Fox   NFL On Fox   
NYPD Blue Theme   NYPD Blue   
Only Fools And Horses   BBC TV Prog   
Picket Fences Theme   Picket Fences   
Professionals Theme   Professionals   
Scoobydoo   Theme   
Simpsons   Simpsons   
Soul Limbo - Cricket Theme   Booker T   
Space: Above and Beyond Theme   Space: Above and Beyond   
Sweeney - Theme   Sweeney   
Tellytubbies Theme   Tellytubbies   
The Chain - Formula One Theme   Fleetwood Mac   
The Saint   The Saint   
The Simpsons - You're Checkin' In   Simpsons   
Theme From Ally McBeal   Vonda Shepard   
Theme From Buffy   Buffy The Vampire Slayer   
Thunderbirds   Theme   
Tracy Ullman Show - You're Thinking Right   Tracy Ullman Show   
Twin Peaks Theme   Angelo Badalamenti   
Two Guys a Girl and A Pizza Place Theme   Two Guys a Girl and A Pizza Place   
Wheel Of Fortune   Wheel of Fortune   
Winnie The Pooh      
X-Files   X-Files   
You're The First, My Last, My Everything   Barry White   
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